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Coding CSS is slow!
do it 3x faster

👋 Goodbye Browser Resizing — Test In 20+ Devices With Realtime Sync
1-Click To Edit CSS and To Autogenerate Media Queries


1.Just Hover To Inspect CSS

Never open "DevTools" to check styles again.
Simply hover on element to check its CSS.

Inspect CSS Here

2.One Click To Edit CSS

Just click any element to copy its selector.
Start writing CSS and see changes in realtime.

Redesign This Page

3. Autogenerate Media Queries

Guessing media queries sizes is time consuming!
Simply press 'E' and let InTab generate media queries for you.

Export CSS

Make It Responsive In +20 Devices

6 More Reasons To ❤ InTab

Public RoadMap

X-Ray Mode

Change any text on the page just click and start typing.

Debug CSS Quickly

See all elements in the page and easily identify any issues or inconsistencies.

Resizeable Devices

Drag the bottom right of any device to set a custom height/width

Find The Perfect Break Point

Real devices are a great starting point to find the perfect media query size.

CSS Templates

Never do repetitive stuff! Use templates for Flexbox, CSS Grid & CSS Animations

Write CSS Faster

How many times you write the same animations CSS? well that's 1 click away with InTab.

Lint + Autocomplete

Write CSS just like in your code editor/IDE.

Your Code Editor Is Here

You won't miss your old code editor features because InTab has it all.

Birdseye View

Quickly check responsiveness across all devices by zooming out

Look! All Devices

Sometimes you want to have a quick look on how a website looks like across all devices, well... just zoom out!

Fullscreen Editor

Press CTRL+ENTER on any code editor to go fullscreen

Don't Get Distracted

We know what it means to focus when coding so a fullscreen mode is a must.

Get Lifetime Access

Choose how many browser licenses you want to buy.

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Will I get lifetime updates?

Yes, you will receive any future updates free of charge.

Can I try it for free?

Yes, You can try the demo for free on this website. Click To Test InTab.

Can I use 1 license in many browsers at the same time?

No, 1 license is used in one browser at a time.
You can buy additional licenses at a discounted price above.

Which browsers are supported?

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera or any chromium based browser (e.g Brave...)

How do I contact InTab?

Use this Form or email us: [email protected]
got a feature suggestion? post it on r/intab subreddit.
got a question? post it on our Quora space.

Is my license transferable between browsers/devices?

Yes,   you can transfer your license to any device/browser
Just delete InTab from your old browser then install it in the new one.